BILA - Do What I Want on 7" vinyl

Malta’s joyous, riotous punk / hardcore trio Bila release their debut international outing Do What I Want, co-released through brand new Maltese label Kewn Records and Vancouver’s Kingfisher Bluez (Xiu Xiu, Dirty Beaches, Merzbow etc. etc.)

Recorded in Malta, Liba represents three musicians spitting to say their piece, finally able to spill their righteous energy into a recording and a release, no longer held back by the remoteness of their location and its small, isolated (but fiercely devoted) independent music scene.

Bila channel the spirits of greats (the influences of Crass, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bleach-era Nirvana can be sensed amidst the mix) through a medium informed by scorching hot Mediterranean weather and their love of Malta’s singular and decidedly macabre folklore stories. The results - their debut recordings - climb the walls and throb with electric energy; neither pitch black as hardcore nor technicoloured as punk, but as thrilling as both. Tightly wound in places, wild and loose in others, Do What I Want stays only for a short time, but hurtles madly about the space, kicking and howling as it does.

Using both English and Maltese languages (the island-nation is effectively tri-lingual, including Italian), Bila are among those rare bands able to say as much through delivery as through lyric sheets. The Maltese-language material here is just as brash, powerful, and intoxicating as the English tracks, stomping and spiralling rapturously even for non-speakers: its essential organs - its heart, brains, guts, teeth - are vocal enough in whatever tongue.

Bila were first heard outside Malta as part of the Being in Space and Time mixtape, curated and released by homegrown label Kewn Records, premiered by UK press in November 2017.

Kewn Records was formed in 2017 as a home for Malta’s trailblazing, crucial talent. It shares staff with - among others - longstanding independent mainstays Temporary Residence and vital sonic explorers RVNG Intl. Do What I Want is its first co-release, following the aforementioned mixtape, offered on digital formats worldwide from January 2018.

- James